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- You are working with a certain circle of artists. It has been formed somehow...What was the determinative in shaping it? Your taste?

- One has to realize that a gallery is an element of a cultural machine and if an artist doesn't recognize it, then neither he needs the gallery nor gallery needs him. As to selection criteria, they are pretty simple. First of all, such an artist is to have a command of contemporary visual language, secondly, has to realize himself as a part of the art history context. In the third place comes his aspiration for becoming a part of today's world's context; everything that is happening now in the art-world is a coordinate system where the artist seeks his own niche. Art has to relate to the epoch, sort somehow with the Weltanschauung, technology level, condition of society. The forth context, lastly, has to do with the personal creativity, artist should have his own way, keep at it, be recognizable (in terms of art business as well) and at the same time be able not to repeat himself. If an artist has a sense for these four systems, if he is talented and has an art will, then he is practically of a definite interest.
From Marat Guelman's interview to Konstantin Agunovich

  Yuri Avvakumov
  Semyon Agroskin
  Group AES
  Tanya Antoshina
  Alexander Brodsky
  Ira Waldron
  Vladimir Doubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov
  Dmitri Gutov
  Alexander Dzhikia
  Vladislav Efimov & Aristarkh Chernyshev
  Alexey Kallima
  Elena Kitaeva (Mao)
  Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid
  Valeryi Koshlyakov
  Oleg Kulik
  Tatiana Liberman
  Georgy Litichevsky
  Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe
  Vyacheslav Mizin
  Boris Mikhailov
  Tatiana Nazarenko
  Timur Novikov
  Anatoly Osmolovsky
  Georgy Ostretsov
  Pavel Pepperstein
  Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov
  George Pusenkoff
  Gia Rigvava
  Alexander Roytburd
  Arsen Savadov and Georgy Senchenko
  Yuri Solomko
  Yevgeniy Fiks
  Olga and Alexander Florenskie
  Yuri Khorovsky
  Gor Chahal
  Yuri Shabelnikov
  Alexander Shaburov
  Vladimir Yankilevsky

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