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Marat Guelman
Galina Mikhailova
Elena Oleynikova
Olesya Malyar

The Marat Guelman Gallery is one of the first and most famous galleries to appear in the Post-Soviet Russia. It was founded in 1990, a year before the Soviet Union collapsed. Just as a few other forward-thinking institutions that emerged in the 90s, the Gallery not only provided exhibition space, but also presented itself as an intellectual workshop, developing ideas and concepts for the art of today's Russia.

At the very beginning if its activity the Gallery became famous by introducing the South-Russian school of painting to Moscow as well as by showing the most acute Moscow artists. The Gallery organized the very first exhibitions of the unknown (then) and Ц at the present Ц the artists who define the Moscow art scene: Valery Koshlyakov, Dmitri Gutov, Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky, Avdey Ter-Oganyan, Oleg Kulik, the AES group. Another key-figure Ц the Blue Noses group (Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov) from Siberia, discovered by the Guelman Gallery at the end of the 1990s, Ц was viewed by many as the finest Russian exponent at the Venice Biennale of 2003 and 2005 and the Moscow Biennale 2005.

The Gallery always encouraged young artists from different regions of Russia and made efforts to integrate them into global artistic process. It resulted in the large-scaled contemporary art festival "In Search of the Cinderella" organized by the Gallery in 1998. The festival moved through the 40 provincial towns of Russia (from Southern regions to Siberia), making the wide public discover the local artists as well as showing the Moscow artists at the local spaces. In conjunction with this the Internet Information Agency GiF.Ru (www.gif.ru) was created and supported by the Gallery since 2000 to the present time.

Another characteristic feature of the Gallery's strategy is cooperation with museums in introducing contemporary Russian art to official museum institutions. The part of the Gallery collection was gifted to the State Russian Museum (St.-Petersburg) and can be seen at the permanent exposition in its halls (door-to-door to the Ludwig Museum, which is also located there). The retrospective exhibition devoted to the Gallery's 15th anniversary is scheduled in the Russian Museum for October 2006. Several big projects are in process with the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow): since June 2006 the Tretyakov Gallery is opening the series of personal exhibitions of the 15 artists of the Gallery.

The Gallery has always declared the position independent from official dos and don'ts of Russia Ц as well as from the taboo subjects that tend to become nowadays Chechnya, the President and the Orthodox Church. Thus the most recent gallery project RUSSIA 2 seeks to create an alternative field for creativity and free thinking. The exhibition "Russia 2" that gathered the most prominent Russian artists was shown within the Special Events Programme of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2005) and in New York (Dec. 8, 2005 Ц Jan.11, 2006, timed to the Guggenheim's "Russia!" exhibition). RUSSIA 2 was attacked by the Union of the Artists of Russia (Soviet-time official organization) and the Orthodox religious people who initiated several law-suits against the Gallery. In January 2006 all these law-suits were completely won by the Gallery.

The activity of the Gallery is additionally developed by close cooperation with the newly formed Marat Guelman Contemporary Art Foundation Ц the organization founded in Sept.2005 and supporting the contemporary Russian art.


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