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I Want to Bury You

Victoria Begalskaya

June 10 Ц July 4, 2004

Video, performance

Victoria Begalskaya, born in Kharkov, lives and works in Moscow. She demonstrates ruthless and objective view on social reality, what is traditional for Kharkov school of photography and video. At the same time, feminine origin relaxes the harshness of this view and colors it emotionally Ц either in melancholic, or in ironic way. The project naturally combines different themes Ц pseudo-feminist and social as well as different genres Ц staged and documental video.

The video, that gave the name to the project, was filmed in unpresentable area of Kharkov Tractor Plant right after New Year holidays Ц January 2, 2004 Ц on the day of mass carrying-out of dustbins and nation-wide hangover. The artist is going to use symbolic gesture of annihilation, "burying" of hateful reality. During the performance she will darken the image by covering video-projection with the ground, thereby transforming it into Absolute Nothing, Malevich's "black square".

The staged video by Begalskaya can be numbered to the generation of post-feminist works since this is not critics of male dominance but critics of these critics... In the story with sadomasochistic implications "Welcome" the artist becomes a voluntary "victim" of black teacher of English, who periodically whips her for the mistakes. In her video "Bottom-up" Begalskaya is an executor of "exclusive" sexual caprices. Performed mise en scenes make obvious that female "suppression" stays under control of a woman and as a matter of fact does not contradict her own desires...

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