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Alexander Gnilizky
Sept. 12 Ц 13, 2003

"Securities" is Gnilizky's artistic diary that he has been working on since the end of 80s. It is some kind of notes on the margins which fascination lies in its marginality, spontaneity, even intimacy. Like in every diary the Author's personality here is the only connecting line of artistic narrative. The main narration intrigue is built around his inner collisions, emotions and impressions.

Nasonov`s BesSONnik
Nasonov`s BesSONnik
Arkady Nasonov
Sept. 7-8 2003

The exhibition introduces such prominent figures of the history of mankind whose last names enclose the word "dream" (son in Russian), from Tyson and Bergson till Nixon and Edison. Created in the traditions of psychedelic realism Nasonov's works represent visualization of dreams that are based on peculiar to them irrational nature of intuitive insight and on the author's subjective fantasmarasmus visions. Playing with words and meanings the artist eliminates the distinction between reality and fiction, empiric and metaphysical knowledge, offering a spectator to sink into the Nasonov's BesSONnik's space of unconsciousness.

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