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Gosha Ostretsov

September 1-22, 2005

Gosha Ostretsov has been on the Moscow non-official art scene since the late 80-ies. His artistic career started with collaboration with Georgy Litichevsky in the "George & George" group (1985).

In 1988 he left for Paris, where he lived and worked for the next 10 years. During this period Gosha takes part in the art- and fashion projects. In 1997 he collaborated with Luc Besson, and in 1996 on the occasion of opening of the Center of Contemporary Art (Paris), Paris gallery owners wore special masks designed by Gosha further on these masks will find context within his New Government (NP) project.

Soon after he returned to Russia Gosha Ostretsov articulated the conception of the New Government. The New Government (Novoe Pravitelstvo, NP) is organized on the basic idea of total anonymity (authorities never distinguish citizenry in person, inversely theres no use for public to know the faces of the functionaries thus heads of the New Government members are always covered with masks). The territory of the New Government house the artistic transformations of the aspects of the real life war, propaganda, sport or as in the new project which opens the autumn season of the M. Guelman Gallery outlaw. In this project Gosha Ostretsov combines the ideological basis of the New Government with aesthetics of comics.

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