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Buildings of Cult

Olga and Alexander Florensky

Opening April 12, 2006 6 P.M.

Reformed Church

Reformed Church
The exhibition shows 13 objects Ц allusions on the buildings of variety of cults Ц are shown at the exhibition. These complicated volumetric collages are made of found objects, Ц or, to put it simple, out of mixture of various casual and antique objects (the latter prevail). All these items are kind of paints on a palette, and thus Ц as paints Ц have no political, ironical or blasphemous connotations. Their initial essence is no more imporant, Ц just as vague is the initial utilization of some of the engaged objects. As well one shouldn't look for the traces of some concrete buildings of cult, Ц all the coincidences are accidental.

O&A Florensky

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