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Physics & Poets or Sex in the City

Georgy Litichevsky & Georgy Ostretsov

Febr. 16 - March 11, 2006

Georgy Ostretsov

Georgy Ostretsov
Georgy Litichevsky

Georgy Litichevsky
Georgy Litichevsky & Georgy Ostretsov, two of the brightest stars of Russian branch of the "new wave" movement, were the first artists who mixed comic-book aesthetics and painting for their "George and George" exhibition in 1987 (its title being a pun on the famous English art duet "Gilbert & George"). Since then painting that speaks (both literally and metaphorically) with words from a comic-book has never been out of their artistic view, even as they tried their hands at other styles and personal projects.

In the exhibition at the Guelman Gallery the duo will present a "total comic" which is outstanding both in scale and design. Two stories will unfold in two halls of the gallery, its walls will be completely covered with canvases. Litichevsky's artwork will tell a story of a company of physics and lyricists in the land of Pseudo-Scientists, while Ostretsov's hero is a classic Super one, a womanizer, who cares about the city and its inhabitants. Two stories will intertwine in a conceptual and local meeting point between the personal halls, where two artists will create a collaborative work.

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