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Birgit Ramsauer

July 16-31, 2004

As Michel Foucault says Heterotopias exist within all institutions and systems.
There is no more possible an integration of living and working in our daily life. Every situation in life is affected. Therefore our daily rhythm is formed by constant movement. We move from and to locations and places, which are dedicated to a special use: heterotopien spaces. We go there for a special reason at a special time of the day: Busstops, cars, restaurants, snack bars, offices, elevators, airplanes, parks, parkinglots, playgrounds, museums, galleries, libraries. They all exist as independent systems and locations within our reality.

What makes these locations a part of our life is the movement: they are transit stations.

Within my art work I built Installations and Performances as Heterotopias in public space. In the contrary to the already existing Heterotopias my installations/performances have another status. They are displaced places.

These Уart spaces in betweenФ integrate the movement in public space. They interrupt, detour, create new flowing movement, sharpen, make visible etc. The accident is always a part of my heterotopias spaces. The forces from the outside become a part and form and transform it as an active partner.

My heterotopias are assertions no final states. Only they are finished after a certain amount of time. Materials and forms are taken from public space. Within the existing reality they cut out their own reality. They only exist for a certain amount of time. They are not Е They make space for following heterotopias.

There is transcendence in the conflict with the real world.

The meeting of the real world and my heterotopias I watch during a certain amount of time together with my collaborators like photographers, video artists and writer. Within a dialog the documentation becomes true as a very important part of my heterotopias.

Birgit Ramsauer

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