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III Award Ceremony of the New Government

Marat Guelman Gallery
has honor to invite you to the

III Award Ceremony of the New Government

February 11, 2005, 6 PM
Central House of Artists, halls 22-27 (“Russia 2” exhibition).

The opening speech will be held by Ekaterina Degot.
At the ceremony will also be featured by the presentation of a hymn composed by Andrey Sergeenko (RADEK Community).

The nominees:
1. “LAW” category: A. Pimanov, I. Trunov, Ed.Limonov;
2. “PATRONSHIP OF THE ARTS and ARTS COLLECTING”: Z.Tsereteli, P.-C. Brochet, N. Malyarovskaya and N. Sikoeva;
3. "CULTURE": L. Bazhanov, O. Sviblova, A. Erofeev;
4. “JOURNALISTICS”: I.Kulik, A.Svergun, F. Balakhovskaya;
5. "Patriotism": P.Voys-S.Denosov-I.Kolessnikov; M. Guelman; M.Koldobskaya.

You may vote for the nominees by sending an e-mail to
The voting finishes February 10, 11:00 PM

The ceremony will be followed by buffet supper

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