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Viacheslav Mizin, Alexander Shaburov (The Blue Noses Group)

September 30 - October 16, 2004

How to build up works of art just in the kitchen

The Blue Noses Group is a populist project by Siberian artists V. Mizin and A. Shaburov. Their primary objective is to create the populist contemporary art, which is of interest not only to the international context, but also to the general public from young pioneers to aged pensioners. This art has no high-technology basis, it comes from the most primitive and effective strokes, being made in a hit-or-miss manner. It unmasks the chimeras of mass advertisement and propaganda, which are aimed to frighten or to allure the little people.

In the new project V. Mizin and A. Shaburov make a fetish of their low technologies. They say: Our know-how is not advanced high-tech, but slipshod hit-or-miss.

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