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Curator - Yevgeniya Kikodze

22 - 28 April, 2003

Noncommercial project of the Guelamn gallery within the framework of the international art fair " ArtMoscow "

This is an exhibition of the contemporary art, where participants are Russian and Ukrainian artists. Its purpose is to make the public turn back to the solution-seeking process for the basic for our society questions of the interrelation between people and authority which now, under conditions of the incessant war and social disturbances seem to be particularly urgent.

Besides the socio-political pathos, the exposition implies the confrontation Ц comparison between the two artistic stereotypes of the " left " and " right " art, in accordance with which contemporary art process in Russia has been structured up to now. Though if in the Soviet time " right " art of MOSKH embraced retro - classicis, the semiofficial features and patriotic " severe styl e" while " left " anderground was led by pro-Western tendencies from the abstractionism to the new wave, today the alignment of forces is different.

The 1990s contributed to the rapprochement of art and politics where artistic process perceived the political cliche of the democratic art as folk, and governmental as totalitarian. The given separation possesses many errors, and first of all the theme it is oriented on plays obviously only secondary role with respect to the contemporary type of creative work.

The subject prerogative seems to be anachronism caused by the absence of the contemporary system of the professional art education. In much the same way until now instead of the formal analysis in the field of artistic criticism the politicized literature-centered concepts which use dichotomy of " left " and " right ", people and authority are practiced.

However, it occurs in reality that the artists work simultaneously with both types of aesthetics, in accordance with the ideological discurse advanced by them in this very case. That is why the exhibition will also feature a number of works with the new radical meta - position, by which conditionality of either one or another type of artistic language is revealed and their claims for verity and absoluteness are subjected to irony.

Snake biting its own tail serves as a main constructive idea of the exposition - in such a way that, after having started as a sharp confrontation of people masses and officials, these two lines gradually merge in the middle of the lay-out. People and officials cannot be the opposition: the second is born from the first, as the definition given by Marx who considers the state to be the apparatus of violence keeps up being valid for the present historical stage. The real opposition to authority can only be some public, independent institutions - as, for example, an art gallery or a fair for contemporary art.

The project participants are: " Radek " Group, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Dmitry Gut, ZAIBI, Vyacheslav Mizin, Aleksandr Shaburov and KonstantinSkotnikov, Boris Mikhaylov, Avdey Ter-OganТyan, Tatiana Hengstler, Svyatoslav Ponomarev, Yakov Kazhdan, Ksenia Peretrukhina, Sergey Leont'yev, Igor Mukhin, Vladislav Mamyshev- Monroe, Dmitry Vrubel' and Victoria Timofeeva, Aleksey Kallima, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Yury Shabel'nikov, Olga Kashenbekova and Gleb Katchuk, Aleksandr Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarsky, Anna Ermolaeva, Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov, Ilya Chichkan, Anton Litvin, Semen Faibisovich, " Fourth height " Group, " The icing of the architects " Group, Vladimir Arkhipov, Pavel Makov, Vladimir Cuprianov, Valery Koshlyakov, etc.
Within the framework of the exposition a new journal " Russia project " will be presented.

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