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Some verses about different beauties placed, naturally, in the alphabetical order

Miroslav Nemirov

December 23, 2004, 6 PM

Presentation of the book

Book cover

Book cover
December 23, 2004, 6 PM in the Marat Guelman Gallery the presentation of the new Miroslav Nemirov's book "Some verses about different beauties placed, naturally, in the alphabetical order" takes place.

What does the author say about his new book?

- Well.
- Well what?
- Well, it's high time to issue a new book, right?
- Yeah, the time's right: these are the principles of literary life.
- Otherwise no one will remember that there once was someone called M. Nemirov - public has got a short memory.
- And, well, what?
- Well, that's it: I started burrowing into my drafts, sketches and so on to see if I could compile a book out of all that.
- And I found out that yes, I could, but that would be a rather ridiculous book: half of the verses in it would be dedicated to different porno-beauties, whose photos I had found in the Internet.
- And then the idea stroke me: the whole book should be devoted to beauties! To different beauties - from porno-pictures girls to non-porno stars of the screen and music + all those with whom I have had some relations in the real life.
- And this is the kind of book that I did.

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