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Participants of the project

1.Semen Agroskin
2.Andrey Basanets
3.Valeriy Koshlyakov
4.Bogdan Mamonov
5.Andrey Medvedev
6.Alexander Roytburd
7.Vladimir Sitnikov
8.Yuriy Khorovskii

The exhibition "NOSTALGIA" has opened in an unusual space--a huge composers hall. But strange as it is, the exhibits fit perfectly well into the hall, as if they have found their natural environment. Displayed in the exhibition are works of already renowned artists. We had made acquaintance of many of them at Marat Guelmans Gallery since it was at Marats that they got their "start in life". They are Semen Agroskin, Andrei Basanets, Bogdan Mamonov, Andrei Medvedev, Alexander Roitburd, Vladimir Sitnikov, Yourii Khorovskii. The space of the hall matches the depth and scope of the works distinguished by the high quality of execution. The concept of the exhibit is original, or even simple and pure in its own way-- its the artists nostalgia for the heroic past, for the lost wholeness of the perception of the world in which great artists of the past lived and worked. And then, as if in a miracle, looking at the paintings of our contemporaries, we feel an invisible presence of old masters and artists who recently passed away: Titian, Velasquez, Bonnard, Matisse, Backon and others. Each artist contributor to the exhibition had one or several solo-exhibitions in Marat Guelmans Gallery. They all were inspired by the art of the past. I think that this phenomenon cant be reduced to citation or appropriation--typical for postmodernism. We feel nostalgia for the heroic time of the new art when it was coming into being. Then revolutionary innovations followed each other. The forms of the dialogue with the art of the past are not important: citation, borrowing, transformation or parody...the dialogue has taken place, and it was marked with talent.

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