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Proletarian Conceptualism

Blue Noses (V. Mizin, A. Shaburov)

December 22, 2009 - January 21, 2010

The preachers of contemporary art try to influence the public's taste into appreceating Andy Warhol's art as well as his imitators'. Not a bit decieived, V. Mizin and A. Shabourov observed the past 10 years and were a considerable improvement to the expenditure of russian art. The created the rules, of how it was, is, and will be. The recepies of how it should, or should not be.

The crisis showed that "we're fed up of damn capitalism" (Pavel Pepperschtein) and even that "socialism will return" (him again), because, (let's remind it once more): art is the conductor of all actual social ideas (L. Tolstoy) and they always come from the higher and prevailing social classes (and this is from K. Marks) or, nowadays, the "elites". They are not heterogeneous and quickly loose grip on reality. Artists are only the visualisers (and writers are the verbalisers) of these states of mind.

This is why, in order to compensate the disbalance, the "Blue Noses" inventented the recepy of "proletarian contemporalism"- real popular, "clumsy" art. About workers, with their participation and understanding. They also demonstrate art's making for inside creative groups with perspective like students, middle-class workers, nano-technology specialists and hardworking immigrants.

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