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Art|design shop

is opened in Guelman Gallery

Red People

Pprofessors group (Maria Zaborovsky&Andrey Lublinsky)
Red People
Bubble wrap bangle

Recycle (Andrey Blokhin, Egor Kuznetsov)
Bubble wrap bangle

Olga Soldatova
The entire exposition
Art|design shop Shaltai-Boltai

What we do
We produce and sell artistic and designer objects.
All the things in Shaltai-Boltai are connected with contemporary art.

These are:
- the design projects of artists
- the art projects of designers
- their imagery and concepts transferred into edition production.
In the shop there are objects of unlimited edition, limited edition and unique, existing in one copy, which cannot be repeated.

Who we are
Julia Guelman and Valeria Rodnyansky

Our goal
Using the Julia and Marat Guelman Gallery's 20-year experience of working in contemporary culture to introduce the artists' plastic imagery "into life", that is, to produce items/things/objects that convey the ideas of the best artists and designers.

In general Ц to introduce contemporary art into everyday life,
Art Ц into life!


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