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Moscow - Up & Down

Denis Salautin, Dmitriy Fain; The Icing of the architects Group (Igor Bury, Ilya Voznesensky, Aleksey Kononenko)

February 25 - March 6, 2003 .

Two project exhibition about Moscow:
Denis Salautin, Dmitriy Fain
MOSCOW, 2003, photocollages
The Icing of the architects Group (Igor Bury, Ilya Voznesensky, Aleksey Kononenko)
NEW MOSCOW, 2000 - 2003, computer graphics

Two projects are tied together through the concept laying behind them. This is to transform the appearance of the capital without affecting it arhitectually.

In the case of Salautin/Fains idea its a question of the capital s celestial space organization - on the photographs clouds shape internal female organs (brain, lungs, stomach, womb) - in accordance with the canon of intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

The Icing of the architects proposes the urban renewal project - neither by means of overbuilding nor reconstruction of its existing architectural appearance, but by deepening downward, right up to the basaltic body of continent.

The salt of the interchange of these two projects lies in the fact that here all the traditional ideas about high and low change places. Thus, according to Salautin/Fain the theme of inside is displayed in the metaphysical, highest sense, whilst in The icing of the architects the genuine womb of Moscow, its solid bottom become the futuristic thought-forms.

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