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The Roaming Bullet

Vassily Tsagolov

May 27 - 22 June, 2004

The theme of crime and violence has been present in the art of Vassily Tsagolov for a long time already. The series named The Roaming Bullet are highly impressive documents of invented events.

A desire to achieve the most spectacular effects dictates a congestion of action in the subject, while the sketched lightness of the execution adds an effect of a documentary. In this project the fundamental aim for Tsagolov is the mise en scene, the creation of a beautiful still.

The same happens when Tsagolov works with a camera, his films and photos always involve a stage set. The powerful visuality of his latest works is a tribute to the genre of the thriller, which does not exist without shooting, blood and the figure of a criminal. The artist works with well-established stereotypes of the cinema mythology about gangsters who, probably, in reality also can not but play their ritual roles in the performances of violence.

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