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Andrei Basanets, Valentina Bakhchevan, Alexander Gnilitskii, Oleg Golosii, Sergei Lykov, Alena Nekrasova, Konstantin Reunov, Alexander Roitburd, Vasilii Riabchenko, Andrei Syrbu, Oleg Tistol, Valeria Trubina, Yurii Khorovsky, Valentin Khrusch, Pavel Kerestii, Yurii Solomko.

In counterbalance to the previous exhibitions showing the art of the underground, Babylon doesn’t aim at setting antitheses to the art of the semi-official establishment. New formation has consolidated within the Babylon generation. Each phenomena of this generation is free from pretentiousness and from the necessity to oppose pluralistic functions of official art and functional trenchancy of Sots Art.
Liberation from the necessity to exist as a form of an opposition to sterile postulates of the Social Realism has led to liberation inside the stylistics of painterly structure. The arsenal of expressive means of the participants of Babylon includes intellectual and cultural funds. Without overstepping the boarder between literature and illustration, recognition of the source and citation, combination of
reminiscences of different styles and imitation, the artists of Babylon realise the need to fill intellectual void that emerged as a result of the policy of various limitations and prohibitions. Using intellectual and moral experience of peoples’ history, Babylon builds its visual idiom and its own creative platform.

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