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An Ideal Confinement

From January 13 to 15 Emperor Wawa presents a complex reality-show in the Guelman Gallery. The artist aims to restore the vitality of Moscow action performance of the 90s, made famous by the likes of Alexander Brener, Oleg Kulik and himself. At 6 pm Emperor will enter a cage in which he is to spend more than 48 hours. His activities will be transmitted via webcam on a special section of the gallery's website. There's a bed, a computer connected to Internet, some oil and canvas at the Emperor's disposal.

The artist plans to create a couple of diptychs and to write a novel, which will be published by himself online in his blog, The idea of "An Ideal Confinement" is that the creative impulses, that would blossom under such self-inflicted discipline, are sure to be entwined and inform each other.

On the day of the opening/confinement Emperor Wawa will present a performance. After his "release" the exhibition will continue with the artworks that he produces while in the cage on show.

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