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GUELMAN PROJECTS at Malaya Polyanka
curated by Yevgenia Kikodze

Black Works shows art in which the centre of gravity returns to the direct labour of the artist himself. This work can never be replaced by the input of a hired programmer, draughtsman, carver or spokesperson; it is always, in some sense, "black" Ц arduous and highly personal. Black Works is a manifesto of new Russian abstract painting, enshrouded and concentrated on its own issues. The programme addresses the inner mastery and formal quests of the artist, and is intended for the individual, discerning and enlightened viewer. / more...

They Met in the Middle
They Met in the Middle
Victor Alimpiev
May 13 - June 21, 2009

An exhibition of the works of Victor Alimpiev was one of the first ideas that came to mind when compiling the Black Works programme. From the very outset, this programme has examined modern painterly abstraction or, more specifically, the wider issues surrounding the painterly foundations of contemporary art, i.e. the possibilities and prerequisites for painting today. / more...

Pyotr Kiryusha
Opening April 4, 2009, 6 p.m.
Guelman Projects, M.Polyanka 7/7-5

The entire programme of Guelman Projects for the coming year, in principle, addresses the painterly image. But this exhibition of Pyotr Kiryusha's works is a particularly special situation. This is an example of the independent birth of a school, when the artists themselves begin to form a new painterly tradition and succession; when, not satisfied with the poverty of art life and the state of modern critical thought, they themselves assume the functions of curator and even pedagogue. / more...

The Inner Person
The Inner Person
Philipp Kondratenko
Opening March 4, 2009, 6 p.m.

Kondratenko's interpretation is closer to Magritte's approach to the picture, whereby the position of the external observer paradoxically combines with the artist's deep personal sympathy for the issues surrounding the image. Despite their irregular forms, the holes and gaps in his canvases do not lose their most important aspect Ц the function of a window Ц just as the asymmetric and crooked windows of Novgorod architecture do not detract from their sacral role. / more...

Vladimir Logutov
February 4-22, 2009
Malaya Polyanka 7/7-5

The most remarkable and pleasing aspect of Vladimir Logutov's oeuvre is the sensation of the "still open doors" of art. One feels that he has not experienced the bitter loss of artistic ideals, humiliation at the defeat of the left-wing movement or the fear of globalisation, which poisoned the generation of the 1990s. Nor does he seem aware of another failure Ц the educational role of contemporary art. Logutov is elsewhere engaged: in a quest for new expressiveness and the possibility of influencing the image by surmising and modifying the formal devices of its creation. / more...

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