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GUELMAN PROJECTS at Malaya Polyanka

curated by Yevgenia Kikodze



Vladimir Logoutov. Untitled. Frome the series "Verticals". 2008

Vladimir Logoutov. Untitled. Frome the series "Verticals". 2008
M&J Guelman Gallery is proud to present a new project, GUELMAN PROJECTS, in the old gallery building on Malaya Polyanka. This will create an additional format for following and Ц as has always been part of our strategy Ц forming contemporary Russian art.

The picture of art life will now be presented by the gallery in two options:
- Lower Beam: A representation of the star squad of national art (in the gallery space at Winzavod);
- Upper Beam: An attempt to show those who try to move beyond today; the explorers, scouts and pioneers of the artistic front (on the premises of Guelman Projects).

Throughout 2009, Guelman Projects will show the BLACK WORKS programme of curator Yevgenia Kikodze.

The main feature of this project is its confinement to contemporary Russian painting. Returning to this fundamental genre of fine art brings with it the possibility of joining up with the main line in the world art process, restoring to contemporary art such concepts as professional responsibility, adequate representational language and relevant new forms and types of visuality.

The avant-garde always sets itself in opposition Ц to the old art, to consumerism, to political officialdom, etc. The works presented this year by GUELMAN PROJECTS clearly demonstrate that contemporary art is:
not political business;
not business as such;
not design;
not management;
not the leisure or entertainment sphere;
not glamour or celebrity culture;
but activities that do not, in principle, have any applied tasks.

Black Works shows art in which the centre of gravity returns to the direct labour of the artist himself. This work can never be replaced by the input of a hired programmer, draughtsman, carver or spokesperson; it is always, in some sense, "black" Ц arduous and highly personal. Black Works is a manifesto of new Russian abstract painting, enshrouded and concentrated on its own issues. The programme addresses the inner mastery and formal quests of the artist, and is intended for the individual, discerning and enlightened viewer.

Moscow, Malaya Polyanka St. 7/7 bld 5.
Tel/fax +7 499 238 40 40

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Vladimir Logutov. Verticals

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